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Meg Walsh was a single parent. She knows what a struggle it can be to put food on the table, not to mention providing adequate healthcare, affordable housing, or quality education. She worked her way up from having to work two jobs to make ends meet to negotiating multi-million dollar international contracts. She had to fight and persist for every step forward she took. Nothing came easily. Nevertheless, Meg persevered and created a life for herself and her daughter, Kathleen. Now she wants to ensure that you, your friends, & your family have the same opportunities to succeed both now and in the future.

The simple fact of the matter is the Texas Legislature is making life harder for all of us. They are stripping healthcare away from millions while causing cost to rise, they’re forcing property taxes to skyrocket as our roads decay, and they’re actively stealing money away from our public schools and teachers. This must stop. Their actions are eroding the institutions of free society, and Meg is the pitbull we need to fight for us.

Texas is the friendship state. We take care of each other, because we're #InItTogether.

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