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Meg Walsh moved to Texas in 1997 as a single mother of a dyslexic child. Despite having a college education, Meg often found herself having to work two jobs in order to make ends meet. Such is a sign of the times. Even through hardship, Meg persevered to give her daughter the opportunity to succeed.  Meg became involved by volunteering as room-mom for her daughter in grade school, and was later recognized by the Round Rock ISD community as a local leader.

Meg Walsh for Texas Senate


Inspired by her struggles, and building upon her commitments, Meg found her calling as a public servant. Meg has testified before the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas House and Senate State Affairs committees on healthcare funding for children, LGBTQIA+ rights, and women’s access to reproductive care. She volunteered with Soldiers’ Angels, mentored teen mothers, and guided at-risk youth. She was very involved with fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House along with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Meg Walsh Candidate


Meg worked her way up from needing to work two jobs to make ends meet to negotiating multi-million dollar international contracts. She has worked in procurement, IT, event project management, and finance at companies such as Dell, IBM, ERCOT, Southwest Airlines, Electric Power Research Institute, and Xerox. At IBM, she led a team responsible for  managing a budget of $873 million per year for commissions. Meg has knowledge in the energy, technology, aviation, and retail industries.

Meg Walsh


The simple fact of the matter is the Texas Legislature is making life harder for all of us. They are stripping healthcare away from millions while causing cost to rise, they’re forcing property taxes to skyrocket as our roads decay, and they’re actively stealing money away from our public schools and teachers. Their motto, in effect, is, “no billionaire left behind.” This must stop, their actions are eroding the institutions of free society, and Meg is the pitbull we need to fight for us. She advocated for LGBTQIA+ rights, helped our soldiers, assisted our public schools, and mentored those in their darkest hour.  She is ready to fight for you, your friends, and your family.


Meg Walsh forTexas Senate


  • 2008 Elizabeth McHose Parker Volunteer of the Year award

  • Round Rock Orchestra Boosters Secretary and President (3 years)

  • Advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence at the Hope Alliance (6 years)

  • Event planner for SailPoint Techologies, Inc. 2017 fundraising efforts for LLS.

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