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Meg Walsh, candidate for Texas Senate District 5, thanked the FCRTA for arranging the forum.
“Thank you all for being teachers and being there for every single student.”
As a single mother whose child struggled with dyslexia, Walsh has a strong respect for public education, especially teachers.
“The state of Texas has stopped paying their fair share,” said Walsh, who says her top priority is to reinstate funding for educators.
From working two jobs to make ends meet to negotiating multi-million dollar international contracts, Walsh has worked for companies such as IBM and Electric Power Research Institute gaining experience in the energy and technology industries.
Her platform focuses on increasing school funding; rural healthcare with access to local hospitals; clean water; and a state-wide push for green energy.
She is also a proponent of local government and vows to fight to protect local control.
Walsh urged those in attendance to vote for “school friendly” candidates and educate themselves on how tax payer money is spent. She encouraged voters to vote for the important issues, not the party.
To learn more about Meg Walsh, visit her website at

Read the full article on The Freestone County Times here.

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