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Interview: TX-5 candidate Walsh calls property tax cap ‘terrible idea’

Austin Bureau caught up with Walsh on Wednesday at a Beto O’Rourke rally in Round Rock, where she was braving the rain to court voters.
What are your top priorities in this election?
"My first issue is education. The state is not paying their fair share for education. They stopped doing that in 2011, they were paying 45 percent per student, then they dropped it down to 38 percent. What nobody realizes is that of that 38 percent, 7 percent is going out to charter schools and also to the general revenue fund.
So they need to pay their fair share. The result is that cities and towns are under a lot of strain because they have to increase their property taxes to pay for schools. Austin has the highest amount of money coming out for recapture and again that money isn’t going to other schools – it’s going to charter schools or the general revenue fund. So we need to revisit the whole way we look at education."

Read the full story from the Austin Bureau here.

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